MASTHEAD 2018/19


Editor in Chief Maxine McCarthy

Assistant Editor Kaylah Wilson

Online Editor Abigail Chevalier
Fashion Editor Mia Yaguchi-Chow
Photo Editor Leyla Godfrey
Design Editor Emily Allan
               Copy Editors Cheyenne Bholla
Danielle Howson
 Content Creators Lauren Knowles
Aisling Gogan


Art Director Alex La
 Pre-Press Managers Justin Chan
Winnie Lee
Graphic Designers Pegah Peivandi
Valentina Caballero


Publisher Ena Nikolic

Assistant Publisher Amelia Ball

VP of Finance Avery Tarek-Kaminker
Sponsorship and Distribution Alexandra Anisman
Marketing Lead Kaylah Wilson
Marketing Assistant Marly Bromstein
Events Lead Claire McCulloch 
Events Assistant Cory Pitman
Administrative Assistant Sabrina Yussuf

Social Media

Social Media Coordinator Kaylah Wilson 
Graphic Designer Adrianna Madore

Faculty Adviser Rena Jennifer Barcelona




Friends of RADmag

Maximum Exposure: Maximum Exposure is the year end exhibition festival for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts.

Converge Lecture Series: CONVERGE is the public lecture series at the Ryerson University School of Image Arts. Programmed and managed by senior Image Arts students, the series presents leading contemporary artists working in photography, film and a variety of other media. Notable past speakers have included director David Cronenberg, artist Michael Snow, and MOMA curator John Szarkowski.

Function: Function is a Non-profit magazine produced by Ryerson’s School of Image Arts. We are an annual publication supporting and showcasing emerging artists from New Media, Film & Photography.

Mass Exodus: The largest student-run fashion event in North America | The School of Fashion at Ryerson University

Ryerson Communication and Design Society: Ryerson Communication and Design Society is a student-led society connecting FCAD students with professional, academic and collaborative opportunities.

META: celebrates the expression, innovation and evolution of the creative minds of tomorrow emerging from the New Media Program of Ryerson University.

YES x RSID: Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design Annual Year End Show

Ryerson Artspace is a student and faculty run gallery programmed by Ryerson’s School of Image Arts which focuses on providing a venue for contemporary Canadian film, new media, and photography. Located at 80 Spadina avenue, we have provided a unique and professional setting for hundreds emerging artists to showcase their work over our past 22 years of operation.


The Founding RADmag Team

Editor in Chief/Founder JC Pinheiro

Fashion Editor Kate O’Reilly
Assistant Fashion Editor April Tran
Interior Design Editor Luke Greidanus
Interior Design Editor Erin McDermott
Marketing/Social Media Brody White
Interactive Advisor Kiersten Hay
Faculty Advisor Iain Cameron

Art Director Nathan Dunn
Press Edition Editor Jessica Klein
Press Edition Assistant Editor(s) Deborah Lewis
Anna Avitsian
Veronica Annis
Managing Editor Robbie Sinclair
Photo Editor Sebastien Dubois-Didock