BTS of Nighthawks // FCAD

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at making "Nighthawks", our Edward Hopper inspired editorial. Find the full series in Issue 06 of RADmag, on stands in Toronto!

Take a look at the set and hear from the creative team, with big thanks to FCAD for making it all possible! 

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Planning an Editorial in 3..2..1... : Connor Remus

Recently our editorial intern, Iain Ailles, went behind-the-scenes to find out what it takes to bring an editorial to life! Featuring our managing editor, Connor Remus, An Editorial Shoot takes us throughout the planning process of his final thesis project. 

There can never be too many questions... so here are a few more...

RADmag: What is your favourite editorial to date?

C: One of my favourite editorials is currently Mario Testino's editorial for British Vogue featuring Emma Watson.

RADmag: Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Fine, classic and luxurious when possible. I try to display my subjects with both elegance and strength.

RADmag: If you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be?

London or Paris - of course! New York is wonderful but my style of shooting isn't edgy enough ....yet!

RADmag: Who are some of the photographers or designers you’d love to work with?

C: Of course there’s the big names like Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino who bring on interns all the time, so those would be two of the biggest artists I’d like to work with. In terms of designer I love staying within Toronto. I’m a big supporter of local designers and a really big supporter of finding people that are doing work in our community. That being said in Ryerson itself produces some amazing up and coming designers through their Fashion Communication Program. Anyone producing a line that luxurious and is a bit couture, I’d love to work with that as well.

RADmag: What’s your biggest piece of photography advice?

C: Know your limits and play within it. Don’t put yourself down if an editorial or an image itself doesn’t turn out right. We’re all here to persevere and we’re all here to learn. Every photographer, be it Richard Avedon or Bruce Weber, is learning everyday. You’re always making mistakes, and some days those mistakes could be the highlight of your editorial. A mistake you didn’t intend to make could be something an art director absolutely loves. So never cut yourself short, always be open for interpretation, open for criticism and sit with the image a while - you may find a bit of love.

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