RADmag Gallery Night and Launch Party

Hello! To quickly introduce ourselves, we are the new content creators, Sasha Downie-Ross and Stephanie Pereira. As 3rd year ProCom students we look forward to blogging for RADmag!  

We were invited to the RADmag Gallery Night that took place Thursday, March 24th, celebrating the launch of Issue 04.  Being the ‘new kids on the block’, our entrance into RADmag world did not fall short of amazing.  Walking into the Interior Design Building - a place we had never been might we add - we were greeted with refreshments and a friendly ambiance for artists and art lovers alike to mingle.  Eager to make our rounds, we share with you our behind-the-scenes of a night filled with conversation and good ol’ fun.  

Upon entering, guests were handed cards to write out their favourite three artists of the night, with a lucky winner receiving a prize.  Wanting to join in on the fun, we quickly grabbed a pen and started making our way throughout the gallery.  Encountering fashion garments, photography and video installation, we were in awe of the talent that filled the event.  Wanting to meet with the artists, we set out, popping in on conversations, looking to match projects to faces; coming across Robert Wharry, an Image Arts student whose focus is portrait photography.  Commenting on his high-contrast style, Robert gave us the deets into his first RADmag experience.  He, like many others found it nice to have people looking at his art, who actually wanted to look at it.  

The evening was also a proud one for the RADmag team. Graeme Montgomery, 3rd year ProCom Student, Managing Editor, and a friend of ours, described “being able to see the contributing artists enjoy their own work being displayed” as the highlight of his night.

For many of the featured artists, it was the first time having their work displayed. This is what many expressed as their favourite part of the event, which provided a unique networking opportunity for new and aspiring artists and designers in fashion, interior design, and photography.  

Celebrating the night, we moved over to the RADmag official photo backdrop, to take ‘red carpet’ styled photographs to post on Insta later.  Further adding to the sleek and cool ambiance, the RADmag patterned backdrop and inventive blueberry-lemonade ‘mocktail’, were small, yet powerful details that made the launch a success.  

Clearly a night to remember, we send a special shout out to winners Kadiejra O'Neal and Nadia Ebrahim - who received prizes from North of Brooklyn Pizza and Henry’s.

Check out RADmag’s Youtube to see footage from the party and other fun stuff!

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Photo by: Sebastian Back 

By: Sasha Downie-Ross & Stephanie Pereira