Christopher Davidson

Christopher Davidson is currently a 3rd year Interior Design student at the School of Interior Design (RSID). Though he previously obtained a degree in Biology from Wilfrid Laurier University, Christopher still had a desire to pursue his passion for interior design - this motivation led him to attend RSID. His interests vary widely, and he hopes to work in numerous fields relating to interior design, from retail to set design.  



Davidson holds very simple design values, and likes to use clean lines and a material palette. He believes in creating striking focal pieces that will garner attention for their creative and unique spatial experience. He incorporated this concept of spatial experience into his final second year project, called the LEHR. The LEHR was designed as a large, glass installation in an old post office, and a three-story atrium housed the largest of these glass pieces. This was a successful project, and proved that his hard work and determination could lead to outstanding results.


Outside of school Christopher participates in a variety of extracurricular activities, which also act as inspiration for his work. Such activities include tennis, tutoring, yoga, and piano. This inspiration was most recently evident in his design of a specialty tennis boutique for a second year project.